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単独保存則方程式の周期解の数値解析 II

竹野 茂治 (情報電子工学科 助教授)

小松 幸恵 (舞鶴工業高等専門学校 助教授)

Numerical results of time-periodic solutions
for a scalar conservation law II

Shigeharu TAKENO


(新潟工科大学紀要 第 8 号 2003 年 12 月)

In the last report, we mentioned some results for periodic solutions of hyperbolic scalar conservation law equations with a periodic outer force term. The structure of periodic solutions is complicated and includes period doubling bifurcation. In this paper, we introduce the relation between periodic solutions and the effect of viscosity, and show some properties for periodic solutions by using simple examples and numerical computations.

scalar conservation law, Burgers equation, time periodic solution, period doubling bifurcation, numerical computation

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Shigeharu TAKENO
2003年 11月 6日